Marker mic drop

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Picture the moment…

You assign various students a warm-up question to answer on the board and ask them to read their respective answer aloud. This is your class of seniors and you’ve had them all four years so 1) you often know what to expect, and 2) you have a soft spot for them.

One of the students reads aloud her answer and you are struck by her work. Not only was it perfectly conjugated in advanced verb tenses with smooth transitions, but it was also an eloquent and beautifully crafted commentary on the topic that day.

“Bella, you just brought it. That was amazing.”

She beamed and said, “Really? Did I do that right?” I assured her she did and the class literally let out cheers and applauded her right then and there.

This is what I call marker mic drop.

This page is devoted to celebrating those marker mic drop moments, whether in students or teachers, celebrating breakthroughs in the classroom. Have a moment you’d love to share? If so, please email a picture (without students in the photo) and a brief description of the marker mic drop moment to Let’s applaud these inspirational moments!