Grammar Activities

I don’t spoonfeed grammar: I introduce new grammar by manipulation activities, typically using a dialogue I have written with color-coded subjects and their matching conjugations. We read the dialogue as a class and students answer true/false or simple questions. We reread the dialogue and students (always using complete sentences!) answer questions, such as, “Where will Julie vacation?” They answer, reading the text verbatim but are unaware of correctly conjugating the verb. This soft roll-out of grammar gradually engrains the concept and students deduce rules on their own. See an example of a Manipulation Activity here for present tense -er verbs.

  • Flipped Classroom resources: This is a compilation of Flipped Classroom links I shared with my students for when I was on maternity leave.
  • Let’s review… This Throwback Grammar presentation can be used for quick warm-ups in any level, reinforcing all those finer details that build upon each other, year after year.
  • Tex’s French Grammar (UT-Austin) – This is my go-to for all things grammar. There are succinct grammar lessons with questions at the end that give immediate feedback.
  • Podcast Francais Facile – A goldmine for French teachers with activities by level.
  • Bescherelle – A classic for French grammar with quizzes and review games.
  • Create an incomplete Google Doc that is a skeleton of the grammar notes. Students can fill these in and save the document. (Again, make a copy under Google Classroom or change editing permissions!)
  • Tour de Phrases: I have 5-10 questions around the room that students must complete, in no particular order. The questions are written on whiteboards or small pieces of paper. Students typically answer simple grammar or translation questions for practice, with permission to ask for help from another student if they are having difficulty.
    • Hint! Make sure students number according to YOUR #1-10 and not the order in which they answer the questions. Also, play some music while they are up and moving!