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Tech Tool Highlight #4: edpuzzle

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Video tutorials: edpuzzle Overview (Part 1) and edpuzzle Overview (Part 2 – Gradebook)

This week’s Tech Tool Highlight is edpuzzle, my new favorite tech tool that I will be implementing this school year. Edpuzzle allows you to edit and assign video content, inserting questions and comments for students to answer. Edpuzzle provides a gradebook with student progress, comparative data over time, and the ability to manually update grades and provide feedback, as needed. I had previously used similar tools but find that the ease of edpuzzle as well as its data integration capabilities will be a go-to for my classroom.

Why I love edpuzzle: Not only is the platform incredibly easy to use, but it focuses on key considerations for the student: self-paced work and accountability. Teachers all know the struggle of balancing the pace of a class with various skill levels and an endless list of content. Edpuzzle is the tool that will help guide, reinforce, and also hold your students accountable.

How to set up Edpuzzle

Set up a teacher account at When you use THIS LINK, you will automatically earn three videos toward your storage bank. You can send out your own referral code (found under “Invite Teachers”) and each of you will earn three videos. Spread the word because the more you share, the more videos you can create!

The top right menus are where you will find your profile, classes, and gradebook. Now, take a look at this beautiful button:

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Yes, that’s right. One more reason to integrate GSuite into your teaching world. You can save yourself the hassle and import directly from Google Classroom. Once you have created your classes (“Add new class” on bottom left), then you can assign videos, see student progress, and update grades. Want to give a student only partial credit for not watching the entire video? You can manually update grades as you see fit.

So many videos, so many choices…

You have the option to upload your own video (think Flipped Classroom) but there are a number of resources that may already have what you need. These include:

  • Edpuzzle
  • YouTube – Add the Edpuzzle Chrome Extension to automatically edit from YouTube!
  • Khan Academy
  • National Geographic
  • TED Talks
  • Veritasium
  • Numberphile
  • Crash Course

Once you have selected a video, click “Edit” on the lower righthand corner. Here, you can have a variety of options. Save and finish (top right buttons) your work when it is complete.

  • Crop the video
  • Add voiceover
  • Add audio notes
  • Quizzes – This is where you can add the following questions:
    • Multiple choice: Automatically graded (see Gradebook).
    • Open-ended: You will need to manually grade these later.
    • Comments: Highlight an important aspect of the video for your students.
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Storage space and organizing your content

Teachers can save up to 20 videos upon initial registration but can earn more by referring other teachers. Click on the top right profile icon and “Invite Teachers” to see this screen and each of you will earn three extra videos toward your account:

If you want to organize your videos by topic or level, click on My Content (left menu) –> Add content (blue button, right) –> New Folder and name it accordingly. For example, I have grammar and culture folders, making my content easier to navigate when I want to find a video to assign to a class.

You can also create Student Projects (My Content –> Add Content –> Student Project). Once you have created the project, you can assign it to a class and see their compilation of videos. This project could show you the depth of students’ understanding and serve as a compilation of review videos for the entire class.

Online PDs

Edpuzzle also offers online professional development courses for teachers, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced Edpuzzle levels, flipped classroom training, gamification, diversity and inclusion, project-based learning, and more. Click on this link to access all of the trainings: Edpuzzle Online PD

I just completed the Edpuzzle coach certification, which I highly recommend! The estimated time is 90 minutes but will likely take you less to complete. You will learn all about Edpuzzle and its nuances in short, manageable videos that use the platform to continually familiarize you with how the system works. You’ll be awarded a certificate, this cool badge, and access to a private Facebook group where you can share ideas with other coaches.

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Interested in furthering your Edpuzzle skills? Click here to get started!