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Tech Tool Highlight #3: Let’s get organized!

Alright, everyone. Time to talk organization. It’s summer and the least I could do is filter through those folders that have become overcrowded with “How’d that get in there?” or clean up that desktop. If this is you, take at least ten minutes to delete the unnecessary and drag and drop files into specifically-named folders. You’ll be much happier come August!

The New York Post didn’t sugarcoat anything when they called this desktop “anxiety-inducing.”

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Time-saving tools:

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The LastPass (Google Chrome Extension) will save you the frustration in remembering how many asterisks, percent or dollar signs you sprinkled throughout your password. Our digital era has made it unavoidable to have multiple passwords, all with their own length requirements, symbols, and a mix of upper and lowercase…all with good reason for your security! Keep those passwords strong but help yourself out with a password saver, like these recommended in the Best Password Managers 2019 ( article.

Let’s take a look at LastPass, for example. Once the Chrome Extension has been installed, you will be prompted to create an account, if you haven’t already. Common websites you visit (Amazon, Facebook, Netflix) will appear in the upper right corner. Click on one, log into that account, and LastPass will ask if you would like it to save that password. Click on the extension icon (red square with an ellipsis) to add more items, if you choose, such as drivers license, passport, bank or credit cards, etc.

Creativity and organization all in one:

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If you are a more visual person like me, you’ll love Wakelet. This free tool allows you to save and organize content like you normally would with your bookmarks, except more. You can create collections with images and add your own text in a user-friendly platform. Your login will prompt a green button to “Create a new collection,” title your collection, then add a link or item from the options listed. (See screenshot below.) Consider this one collective notepad from across all your sources, neatly organized and visually easier to find rather than scrolling through only names of websites.

Download the Wakelet Chrome Extension and check out The Educator’s Guide to Wakelet, a straightforward overview of how to optimize Wakelet for your classroom.

Google Keep and Tasks

I love using Google Keep (especially through the mobile app) for ongoing lists and notes. I can color code each list to make it stand out and easier to find. I can collaborate with colleagues on our upcoming presentation. I can also add images, links, create checklists, and set reminders, suiting almost any list or note need imaginable.

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Google Tasks allows me to create a Task from my email or type in one directly. Need to remember to submit the grades analysis to your principal before Friday? This tool will help keep you on top of that to-do list.

Highlight the email via the checkbox on the left. Then click on the vertical ellipsis (“the snowman menu”) and “Add to Tasks.” You can also set reminder times and subtasks.

Wondering where those Tasks went? Click on this Google Tasks icon on the righthand side of your Gmail inbox.

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Time for some fun…

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Summer is meant to wind down, relax, and take in good quality time with friends and family. You can use Apple Wallet or Pass2U Wallet (Android) to organize your concert, movie, flight tickets, coupons, all at the convenience of being in one place. Did you take a family vacation and want to easily share your photos with everyone? Check out this How to video:  Apple Shared Albums for how to create private albums and easily share photos beyond AirDrop and texting.

Enjoy your summer! Until next time!