Marker Mic Drop Moments

Marker Mic Drop #1 – Dairren Gibson

Image source: Dairren Gibson

Dairren Gibson, STEM Instructor and Digital Learning Facilitator at Mater Academy in Las Vegas, NV, attended mindSpark Learning’s San Diego Google Certification Institute in May 2019. Modeled after Google’s own Demo Slam, Dairren and his fellow participants highlighted the good work they are doing in their classrooms in two minutes or less. The array of talent and ingenuity was impressive. The prize clearly went to Mr. Gibson when he showed us his idea for a personalized digital vocabulary notebook and impressive stop animation videos.

The vocabulary notebook uses Google Slides and Hyperdocs, allowing students to personalize their notebook with a picture of themselves, and reinforce the definition of a word through a variety of ways (synonyms, antonyms, and my favorite, life examples). While this is arguably a fancy worksheet, this only scrapes the surface of tools Dairren uses to constantly expose his elementary-age students to technology. This tech tool will begin teaching young students how to better organize their papers. (Have we not all seen the notebook that looked like it was hit by a tornado?) Students will ultimately become comfortable with technology by the time they graduate from high school and therefore more prepared for a working world that will demand those skills.

Thank you, Dairren, for sharing the amazing work you do at your school. A big congratulations as well on becoming a Level 1 Google Certified Educator!