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Welcome! Bienvenue!

Welcome to The Curious Creator! This is where you will find over a decade of experience of teaching, trial and error, and creativity that I try to spark in my own students. I believe that teachers should be collaborators, not competitors, and I would like to share my own experience while hearing about what is happening in your classrooms.

The EdTech journey will look different for each person. As a department tech coach and professional development facilitator, I strongly encourage teachers to start somewhere. Start small and build. Don’t overwhelm or compare yourself, which will only hold back your growth mindset.

Not every activity you find here will be “tech’d out.” I want teachers to know that it is acceptable for lessons not to be infused with technology bell-to-bell. Every project doesn’t have to involve so many bells and whistles worthy of an invitation from Google to present at one of their Summits.

I invite you to join me on my personal EdTech journey of trial and error, challenging myself and my students with new all the time. Boredom sparks creativity and innovation. Growth comes through curiosity and experience. What makes you want to be a curious creator?

What you can find here:

  • Resources – Grammar, audio and video, speaking, and EdTech sites.
  • Activities – While the activities are targeted toward World Language teachers, many of the activities and resources can be adapted to any content area.
  • Marker Mic Drop Moments – Curious about the name? Just click here.
  • Weekly blog posts every Wednesday.

Also, follow me on Twitter (@curiouscreator9) to see the latest EdTech practices happening in my classroom!